New WordPress theme

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After putting it off for some time, we finally sent this custom design theme for Gamerz Clash for coding into a new WordPress theme. Originally this theme was intended as a generic gaming theme where it will be released as a sponsored WordPress theme. However in the end we decided that it would serve its purpose better as a custom theme for this blog and as you can see, it is now working seamlessly thanks to the great effort of Naif Amoodi, our coder. There are some things amiss which we will be taking up with our coder but those are minor details.

So what do you think about our new design? Let us know in the comments box below.

NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT

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NVIDIA has unveiled the first of its next generation GeForce 9 series of graphics processing units, where the company touts this latest offering to deliver the largest single-generation performance jump in the entire history of NVIDIA. The GPU in question is the GeForce 9600 GT that pumps out 116% more performance than its predecessor, without having a price tag that breaks the $199 mark.

According to their press release:

NVIDIA(R) Corporation, the world leader in visual computing technologies, has unveiled the first graphics processing unit (GPU) of its next-generation GeForce(R) 9 Series that may offer the largest single-generation performance jump in the Company’s history. Introduced today, the NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT GPU delivers up to 116%(1) more performance than its predecessor at a price below $199.

“After going to all the GeForce LANs and seeing the rigs that gamers play on, we wanted to kick off the GeForce 9 with the perfect GPU for gamers,” said Ujesh Desai, general manager of GeForce desktop GPUs at NVIDIA. “The first product to be introduced in the GeForce 9 family gives gamers the horsepower to play cutting-edge DirectX 10 games at a price they will love and can afford.”

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Starcraft 2 trailer – Zerg POV

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Here is the Starcraft 2 trailer from the Zerg point of view. Also features Queen of the Zerg, Kerrigan. Woot!

Review of the X-Box vide console

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Our family likes to play different types of games together, and we had countless hours of fun and entertainment, the PlayStation. I hoped that the purchase of an X-Box video game system would allow us our weekly Family Night in the traditional style. I had heard many positive comments about the X-box video game platform from friends and employees. Absolutely raved about the amazingly detailed graphics, and the large selection of games to choose from.

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Hellgate: London trailer

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A great trailer from the well-known MMORPG, Hellgate: London. This certainly looks like something worth dying for.