Clash of Legends: Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

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A classic game whipping goes in the next extraordinary session. Two arch-enemies meet in the ring: the fight against Batman and Joker is virtually inevitable. Batman against Superman — only one can win. But who is the best club in the superhero? Many comic fans have probably already asked this question. With the beatings game “Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe” give us the answer from now on itself. Apart from the classic DC comic book heroes like the Joker and Catwoman are the heroes of “Mortal Kombat” series at Scorpion, Sub Zero and Liu Kang gun at foot.

You can choose from 22 more or less well-known fighters of the two universes. For the single-player mode, there are two campaigns, in which the game is the story from different perspectives based on the movie it narrates. While you’re in the first campaign exclusively with the superheroes fight, get in the second only with “Mortal Kombat” fighters on. The story is far-fetched and a desperate attempt to merge the two hero’s universes.

The fight against the repertoire was banned in some part in Europe; it significantly purifies its predecessor. Do you remember the games earlier; it was still whipping two games shown in the style of “Street Fighter”. The game slightly succeeds here in any case – good!

Powerful attacks

Each fighter has in addition to the standard kicks and punches on individual attacks. It is these varied special attacks that provides players a good mood. Especially great harm attach to your opponents when you’re in the melee with him, or simply by running house walls. How much damage you cause, depends on how fast you press up the hotkeys. But beware: your opponent is trying the same and you can counter by a serious injury.

Defused combat system

Unlike previous titles of “Mortal Kombat” this series has too much more unblutiger. For hits, there are a few splashes of blood, but the lifeblood does not drip from every pore. The infamous “fatalities” at the end of a struggle, there is still those, but they are rather amusingly staged.

Single or absolve both campaigns are in the arcade mode to a match against the computer. In training you learn basic combat techniques. In combo mode, it is always more complicated to master a hit and kick combinations. The most fun to play against are human opponents. Either cut out to second on a console on the cap or search online for a worthy opponent – on Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network.

Conclusion: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Back to old strength? Not quite. The superhero brings fresh air into the series, but their super powers to the same extent lean the game altogether. Both campaigns can be played in one evening; just two fighters are thus free to play. The greatly reduced complexity of the fighting techniques of the game is doing well and so are the brawls between the “Mortal Kombat” fighters and the comic superheroes especially against friends for a time pleasure – “good” thing.

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