Cloning system of Tabula Rasa

Posted on 21st April 2008 by gamerzclash in Games,MMORPG,PC,Reviews


All MMORPG games must have some or the other specialty or they do not survive. Tabula Rasa has become a rage, and so it must have some unique feature. That unique feature is definitely the very interesting cloning system that this innovative game has. The cloning system is the hallmark of Tabula Rasa. Let us see how it works.

The gameplay in Tabula Rasa involves three tiers of characters, quite simply called as Tier I, Tier II and Tier III. The Tier I has people beginning as Recruits. In the Tier II, they can graduate to the Soldier Stage and in the Tier III, they become specialists. Of course, there is a very commendable learning curve as players move up these tiers. But when you play MMORPGs, you want to experiment, right In most of them, once you are set into a character, you are just set there. You are fixed in that character with all its merits and disabilities and can do nothing to change it. That gets to be quite frustrating and avid MMORPG players are known to have started new accounts just to try something else in the realm.

This is where the cloning system of Tabula Rasa helps a great deal. At any stage of the game, you can clone your character. Now you have two characters. You can experiment all you want with the other character, and if things don’t pan out well, you can return to the first character. And you can also use cloning to create hybrid characters of the clones themselves. Quite understandably, this is a great feature for a MMORPG.

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