Fallout 3: Sequel of the Year on Xbox 360

Posted on 26th February 2009 by gamerzclash in Consoles,Reviews

Fallout has long been considered one of the best post-apocalyptic action RPGs in the gaming aren and the the Xbox 360 versipn made its debut on September 2008. Developed by Bethesda Game Studio, the makers of Morrowind and Oblivion have returned to create this stunning sequel that will charm the socks off both fans and new players to the genre and Fallout franchise. In fact, the movie production industry looks fun if they were to make this game into a movie.

Fallout 3 is a first person game, as opposed to the original top-down Fallout which allows gamers to roam a nuclear wasteland while armed with an assortment of guns and other weapons. Lest you think this is another Gears of War first person shooter, let me correct you: no, it is not an FPS although there will be FPS-like moments in the game.

What is special about the game is the non-linear story opportunities attached to it. You will encounter hundreds of characters that boast of their distinct characteristics and dialogue, and with them come hundreds of missions that you can choose to solve OR ignore at your own peril. Fallout 3 begins and you find out that you are an underground denizen in Vault 101, cutting edge bomb shelter built by Vault-Tec Corporation. You can play as either male or female, but either way you will eventually open the vault doors and discover yourself in the wasteland that is Washington DC. The rest will be revealed later on. Expect to see loads of multiplayer opportunities and exclusive downloadable content for the Xbox 360.

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