Why FIFA 15 is the best game in the FIFA Series

Posted on 12th October 2014 by gamerzclash in Games,PC


For a long time, fans of sports games have raved over the FIFA series. The games offer strong gameplay and have excellent graphics. However, it’s clear that FIFA 15 is a big step up from games of the past. What makes this game different is the level of emotion you’ll find in it. There are more than 600 emotional reactions that the players can have to things that happen in the match. The game will look and feel like a real soccer match, which will make things more exciting than ever before. The game still has all of the things that players loved in past FIFA games, but it has a lot of ne features as well. There are new character animations, bench reactions, and so much more. There’ll always be something new to look at when you play FIFA 15.

Many sports games fail to sell the story of the match that’s being played. That’s exactly the problem that this game is intending to fix. It will look and feel like a real match as you play through it, and you’ll really get caught up in all of the excitement. You’ll also see some big improvements in the game’s goalkeepers. Their AI is much better than it used to be, and you’ll often see them reacting to things as the last second. Their tips and deflections will be much more realistic, and they look more like the players they’re designed to model.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a FIFA game in the past, FIFA 15 is a game you can’t miss. You’ll fall in love with its realistic character animations, great gameplay, and amazing graphics. This is truly a game that any sports fan can get a lot out of.

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