Grand Theft Auto IV mania!

Posted on 6th May 2008 by gamerzclash in Games,Information

Grand Theft Auto IV, or “GTA IV”, was finally released amidst great anticipation from loyal followers of the franchise and gamers alike. A week after it was made available in game stores everywhere in the world, GTA IV broke records and is set to be one of the most profitable games in history, even rivaling the Halo 3 which was recently released. In the UK alone, GTA IV managed to sell 609,000 copies, and if this continues, hitting the 10 million mark is not impossible for Rockstar, the developers of this soon-to-be award-winning game.

The game was next in line in the highly renowned GTA franchise following the success of GTA San Andreas. It follows the adventures (and misadventures) of Niko Bellic, a Russian illegal immigrant whose new to Liberty City. Other than stealing cars (hence the title Grand Theft Auto), there is so much to do in this non-linear world. The online multiplayer game is also one of the greatest pull for this game with various games modes that let up to 16 players go berserk in Liberty City.

While Sony has released an exclusive PlayStation 3 packages that lets gamers purchase the console with the additional GTA IV game, it was Microsoft who attracted more buyers with their limited edition set that consists of the game encased within a steel safe box, a specially produced bag and an exclusive art book. And with the upcoming downloadable content that will cost Microsoft $50 million to create, it is easy to see third generation gaming console will benefit most from this game.

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