Having Fun with Trivia Cheats

Posted on 3rd February 2015 by gamerzclash in Information

Ever have someone in your life that just thinks they know it all? That is how my daughter’s friend is, or at least used to be. We started playing trivia games just to stump her, but I have to admit that she did know a lot more than we gave her credit for. I decided to pull a prank on her, and I downloaded Trivia Crack cheats. This is the app that we used most often for our trivia questions and answers, and she would get the answer right a lot more than any of the rest of us.

I figured if I had a cheat installed on my phone, I would be able to put her in her place a bit easier. It is not that we wanted to cut her down at all. We just wanted her to know that while she may be an encyclopedia on legs, that she is not the only person who knows obscure trivia facts blogs.asburyseminary.edu. I suppose we were actually letting her win by doing it this way, but this was more in fun than anything else. I had looked at several different sites trying to find a way to get the edge over her, and getting this cheats app was by far the best option available.

It was very easy to download, and it was quite easy to use too. It was priceless to see her face when I blurted out an answer to something before she could. What was even better was knowing answers to questions that she was clueless about. The fun thing about this is that I actually learned a good bit that I did not know, so it actually did more than just teasingly mess with her. When we told her what we had done, she ended up laughing just as much as the rest of us.

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