Disney gives Electronic Arts exclusive rights to Star Wars games

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It is official. Electronic Arts will be the exclusive provider of games based on the Star Wars series, Disney and the game developer announced jointly today.

Disney, which has its own interactive games division, last month shut the 30-year-old LucasArts games studio it inherited with the acquisition to focus on licensing its “Star Wars” brand externally. Now Electronic Arts will be the only publisher creating Star Wars games for a “core gaming audience,” according to today’s press release. Electronic Arts said that its in-house game teams DICE (Battlefield) and Visceral (Dead Space) will work on Star Wars titles, in addition to BioWare, the team behind EA’s existing Star Wars MMO The Old Republic. Continue reading…

Benefits from online game rentals

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Benefits from online game rentals

We will be discussing about the advantages of online game rental sites. If you know of a game and you are interested in playing it, your first desire will be to buy that one Immediately you go to your nearest CD store to purchase the CD of that game and If you do not find that game, it becomes a frustrating condition for you. Then you check out all the stores and still find that game not available, even Google also take you to high paying websites. It’s such a strange situation when you don’t find what you searching online or offline. But there is a way you may contact your best friends and ask them about the game so they can search it online, because Google gives different results of same product over different IP addresses. Continue reading…

Science proves video games do not affect children academic performance

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Science proves video games do not affect children academic performance

A great misconception is found between parents that video games spoil there children and they must never let them play games, Because kids become addicted of games and they leave studies and like to pass there whole time with games, It is a totally false and manipulated theory, Video games do not affect the academic performance of the kids but it help the kids to gain more confidence and building there positive attitude toward life. In fact, video games help in increasing the mind powers and skills and the kids will become more sharp minded and smart. Continue reading…

City Federation: A new social gaming experience

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Backed by the Kickstarter program to fund the development of the game, Kickstarter Campaign City Federation is the latest city-building online game to hit the market, which its developer claims to have “graphics that blow away any city building game”. The game is primarily aimed for users on Facebook and takes advantage of Facebook’s API to provide the game for user entertainment and enjoyment. This social-based Facebook game is said to have lots of Libertarian politics for those who are into politics and educates players using the trivia and polling sections. There are also features in the game whereby gamers are able to “go to war” with other cities, but the main function of the game is focused on the city-building experience.

For those who wish to know more about the game, a Press release has been issued by its developer to promote the game as well as listinh out its features, which they say will compete directly with Zynga’s game products. From what we have seen of the game, we believe that it can be successful in the long run, provided that the gaming experience remains fluid and not static without any new features introduced.

Getting the right web hosting

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