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I wasn’t a fan of The Orange Box released last October, and had I been a fan, I would have discovered the gem that was Portal. Portal is a first person shooter game that features greatly challenging puzzles and dark, subtle humor to amuse and thrill all who plays the game. And had I played Rock Band, I would also have recognized one of the songs in it as the final song played during Portal‘s ending credits.

Portal is set in a futuristic world and you find yourself with a portal gun, a gadget that lets you create, wait for it, portals anywhere you wish. Well, not quite, because there are some areas that simply won’t let you create portals, and here the game gets tougher because you have to figure out a way around this puzzle over the counter viagra.

Most notable is the voice and mind behind GLaDOS, the electronic voice that guides you through the game. There is a brand of humor in her dialogues that makes you wonder if she’s more human than you are. Listening to her in the first hour, one will suddenly realize that Portal has been written very excellently and this portion may very well be the saving grace of the otherwise short game.

And yes, Portal is short, too short in fact because like fine chocolates, it leaves you wanting more after every bite. Buy this if you love witty scripts in video games and if you’re tired of mindless FPS games like Gears of War.

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