Science proves video games do not affect children academic performance

Posted on 25th February 2013 by gamerzclash in Games,Information,Technology

Science proves video games do not affect children academic performance

A great misconception is found between parents that video games spoil there children and they must never let them play games, Because kids become addicted of games and they leave studies and like to pass there whole time with games, It is a totally false and manipulated theory, Video games do not affect the academic performance of the kids but it help the kids to gain more confidence and building there positive attitude toward life. In fact, video games help in increasing the mind powers and skills and the kids will become more sharp minded and smart.

A new study done by Michigan State University showed that video games have no bad affect on a child’s academic performance but its results may increase their visual and math skills. It also revealed that video games help kid’s to learn more accurately and fast and with visual studies its easy for them to learn by video games, It shows the interest of kids, And kid love to learn that thing in which they find their interest, Hard games show the concentration level of kids and also increase the mental approach of the kid and that’s why they become sharp in their studies also, If they are not a good player of a particular video game, they will be not sharp in their studies as well. Understanding different functions of game, acting exactly on a different situations all that is such a practice which create a special type of caliber and that’s why they can do well in the various fields such as science, engineering and technology.

And from the parents’ point of view, they feel great hesitation to give permission to play the video games from their younger age but the parents who are smart enough understand the potential of games so being satisfied they let play their kid the game of their choice and also play with the kid because it is a great fun also. Blip is a such website on which users can watch the best in online game reviews. Hence parents can start by reading up or watching an online video game review in order to come to an informed decision on the matter. One thing is for sure, parents must keep an eye on their kids while giving them permission to enjoy the video game and that will be progressive, not time-wasting.

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