Spooking it out with Ghostbusters

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Everyone, young or old, remembers the old Ghostbusters movies. We love the humorous stories and lovable characters played by Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson. They are not working at a Executive Recruitment Firm, but as the famous team of para-psychologists who open their own firm to combat ghosts and other spooks. Talk about making money by providing a service firm to get rid of ghosts, that is certainly a new one! I bet that no one has ever recruited an employee for a firm that fights ghosts. It is only fair to say that fans will definitely buy this game for one main reason, that this game is written by the original actors Akroyd and Ramis themselves.

Anyway, coming back to the review, the game takes place in the year 1991, several years after Ghostbuster 2. The four buddies basically have their careers set as the city’s premier ghost busters. You play a newbie who joins their team in search of clues behind heightening paranormal activities and find out that the Ghostbusters’ old arch nemesis, Gozer, is behind all this. You will see plenty of the original cast in this game, voiced by the actors themselves.

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Computer games for the family

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These days the mass amount of internet games which are entering the online world today are a great way to have fun and spend time with the family. Kids games are certainly one of the various ways to do so. There are a lot of sites in the web that provide computer games for the kids, however, the Midoritech website  is one of the best sites on the web where you can get not only good computer games but also mac games as well. These type of games are not only designed for kids alone. Even teens and adults have fun playing these games which touches on various topics such as global warning and make it enjoyable for all.