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I wasn’t a fan of The Orange Box released last October, and had I been a fan, I would have discovered the gem that was Portal. Portal is a first person shooter game that features greatly challenging puzzles and dark, subtle humor to amuse and thrill all who plays the game. And had I played Rock Band, I would also have recognized one of the songs in it as the final song played during Portal‘s ending credits.

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Halo 3 and will it live up to hype?

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I am a fan of Halo after the introduction of the original game for X-Box. As a shooter fan goes all the way back to Quake in mid-1990, I like the first person point of view and find it enjoyable as it shows the creativity in the creation of several alien characters fun and amusing. The trailer for Halo 3 shows a beautiful view of what remains of New Mombasa and through the haze and destruction can see the Master Chief, but the picture are shots of Cortana. She speaks barely comprehensible lines like: “This is how your world ends.” It seems that although the Master Chief has MA5B Assault Rifle by Halo 1, the armour seem somewhat different but Bungie company officials are not confirming or deny anything. We see some shots of the assault rifle, a new weapon and a new alien arsenal, the M90 rifle, and the Covenant beam rifle, which I love. That was my favorite in Halo 2 for alien long-range sniping.

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