Desktop screenshot

Posted on 25th January 2009 by gamerzclash in Information - Comments Off on Desktop screenshot

Here is a screenshot of my desktop (its a game-related wallpaper, so it fits this blog niche) that I am using currently.

Oh yes, I am indeed playing Red Alert 3. The graphics are not what I would say “cool” but the gameplay is certainly fantastic. So what is your desktop wallpaper?

Red Alert 3 due soon

Posted on 27th April 2008 by gamerzclash in Games,Information,PC - Comments Off on Red Alert 3 due soon

Its long overdue, but EA has recently indicated that Red Alert 3 was under development and this was further confirmed by the cover story of PC Gamer in its April 2008 issue. We are of course very excited about this and look forward to see what EA can come up with in order to rejuvenate the Red Alert series.