Tomb Raider – Underwater World

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Action game for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Plastic surgery and new toy: Lara Croft plunges into a new adventure. Whether “Tomb Raider – Underwater World” Hitpotenzial has shown the test.

The shack is burning: the country seat Croftsche Croft Manor is in flames and Lara’s middle – it begins “Underwater World”, the new installment in the world famous game series “Tomb Raider”. The story from the previous section ( “Legend”) finds its continuation: Lara is looking for her mother, which may still be alive and possibly in the mythical kingdom of Avalon is located. First, it follows a track of her father, the Avalon suspected in the Mediterranean. They feel they have a glove in the Nordic thunder god Thor on. The small piece of metal to be the carrier’s strength, Thor’s Hammer lead. And just so, so say the inscriptions, could be the entrance to the Nordic myths Reich Helheim open – even under the name Avalon known. The goal is clear: Thor’s remaining equipment, the second glove and his belt, then hold the hammer and open access.

Adventure World
Not only to the Mediterranean Lara not stop it, even to Thailand, Mexico and in the north of Norway. Graphically may be seen: The jungle landscapes of Southeast Asia and Central America formally leave the players feel the sultriness, the Norwegian ice produces goose bumps in front of the screen. Lara is not stingy with visual stimuli, but not so exaggerated. This is a good thing, since the manufacturer Eidos after the disastrous Angel of Darkness “the development team and moved the people of California Studios Crystal Dynamics’ ranließ, Lara Croft learned not only outwardly a retread, even playful, something happened.

Flexible and powerful
While living the game remains Lara Turnbull and climbing skills, but – as in the previous two games – much more versatile and interesting. Whether the high jump on a stone fireplace, Flick Flacks climb to the columns or the cliff in Hangeln to dizzying heights – all can be easily controlled and intuitive to use. Fights with weapons, no chocolate side of the game, while also developing flexibility impress and bounce of the heroine, but the design is at least debatable Again and again immerse opponents out of nothing and leave you little time to react – or they can be easily shoot because she no effort to make self-defense.

Known weaknesses
The plot of the game is quickly informed, as with so many traps and puzzles to be overcome and solved, little time to telling a story remains. And it is not this time the riveting story, the Lara fans to keep the console. The interim films that tell the story more convincing, but with good presentation.

The role of the baddie in the game once more on the camera: A jump and suddenly you see nothing more, except a piece of wall or a lot of dark stones. Then wait for more or less patiently, whether the prospect of change alone again – which often happens. Or you can edit the game carefully to find out whether you are there where you wanted to. The help system is another minus point. Basically a nice thing that was missing earlier. But the information you are looking to the outcome if you do this very precisely, is not really helpful.


Whoever has the tough lady from England stood, making the new game with nothing wrong. The solid story with great climbing deposits and crunchy puzzles – some under pressure – and an appealing graphic showed a positive image. The levels are well designed and hold the “Tomb Raider” Veterans for one or the other lesson in perseverance. Various levels in the hidden treasures and relics guarantee a long lasting fun, especially since such things in the Xbox 360 version also points (Achievements) off.

The main reason for the likely success of the game is much higher quality of the series since the developer change: After “Legend” and “Anniversary” is also “Tomb Raider – Underwater World” a successful action-adventure with a wonderful main character, whose charm still works. Lara’s new world of small problems, despite an all-around “good” thing, and adorns each games.

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