Vegas made virtual

Posted on 14th August 2008 by gamerzclash in Games,PC,Reviews

Have you ever wondered what it would be like living in Las Vegas? Well, wonder no more. The good people at Surreal Software has created This is Vegas, a game that’s expected to be a huge hit amongst curious teenagers and adults alike. This is basically a game not unlike a huge sandbox, and if you are thinking what I am thinking, DON’T. This game is not made to resemble GTA IV even if you can explore the world of Vegas and do ahem, “naughty” things.

Speaking of naughty, this game takes you to another level of sin altogether. You begin the game as a newcomer to Vegas with only a mere $50 dollar note in your possession. Fate meets you up with Joey Nissan, an enterprising fellow who hooks you up with some dubious sounding jobs in Vegas. Suddenly, you’re enjoying the good life in Vegas and who should threaten to destroy it but Preston Boyer, a crook who wants to “clean up” the decadent streets of Vegas only to turn it to a boring tourist trap.

What’s great about Vegas is that you’ll be able to gamble in real-life casinos on the Strip, in which you’ll perform numerous missions in order to obtain more funds and build your reputation as one of the Vegas in-crowd. Besides main missions, you’re also required to undertake side missions called “gigs” which vary in difficulty.

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