Why The World Ends With You

Posted on 16th May 2008 by gamerzclash in Consoles,Games,Reviews

Own a Nintendo DS? Love Kingdom Hearts? If you’ve answered yes to the questions above, chances are that you will simply adore “The World Ends with You”, a new DS game that is just out on the streets. If you think that this game is all about swords and sorcery, magic and damsels in distress, you are only half-correct. Square-Enix took this game to another level by taking all the elements that Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts fans love, and transporting it all to modern-day Tokyo.

There is a nifty little team-based game combat system that lets you fight enemies on both DS screens. The World Ends with You is superb because unlike previous Square Enix gems, it actually takes place within a real life location: Shibuya, no less! Players can actually experience great game play while witnessing numerous landmarks that can be seen in Japan’s real-life fashion and shopping hub. These locations include Shibuya Crossing, Hachiko’s statue and Shibuya train station.

The story tells of how Neku Sakabara, your everyday Tokyo teenager who’s been forced to play The Reapers’ Game by completing tasks (ala Battle Royale) for a week. Should he fail to do so, he will disappear in thin air. Poof! Online gaming opportunities are not excluded in this game, and players can compete against four friends in a mini-game called “Tin Pin Slammer”.

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  1. Thats so awesome. I can not wait for this game

    Comment by mrmedia — May 17, 2008 @ 1:46 pm

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